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EBX Training With Instructor

Full training sessions on EBX, the leading data management software. EBX training is organized in two complementary sessions.

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For any question or to attend a training, please contact us at:

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Next training sessions

March 2018 – Paris, France

  • March 19-20, EBX Foundations Training
  • March 21-23, EBX Development Training

April 2018 – Paris, France

  • April 16-17, EBX Foundations Training
  • April 18-20, EBX Development Training

May 2018 – Paris, France

  • May 14-15, EBX Foundations Training
  • May 16-18, EBX Development Training

June 2018 – Paris, France

  • June 18-19, EBX Foundations Training
  • June 20-22, EBX Development Training

July 2018 – Paris, France

  • July 23-24, EBX Foundations Training
  • July 25-27, EBX Development Training

August 2018 – Paris, France

  • August 20-21, EBX Foundations Training
  • August 22-24, EBX Development Training

September 2018 – Paris, France

  • September 17-18, EBX Foundations Training
  • September 19-21, EBX Development Training

October 2018 – Paris, France

  • October 15-16, EBX Foundations Training
  • October 17-19, EBX Development Training

November 2018 – Paris, France

  • November 12-13, EBX Foundations Training
  • November 14-16, EBX Development Training

December 2018 – Paris, France

  • December 10-11, EBX Foundations Training
  • December 12-14, EBX Development Training

EBX Self-Training

As EBX is being deployed worldwide by large companies and used by a wide range of business and IT users, Orchestra Networks is delivering a 100% online, 24/7 self-training program. Open to Orchestra Networks customers and partners worldwide, this program eliminates travel costs, offers an affordable way to learn EBX and allows trainees to learn at their own pace.

Brochures and Pricing

For any question or to attend a training, please contact us at:

Based on an innovative web-based platform, our self-training program is the 2-day Foundations course that contains:

  • Access to the full EBX software environment, ready to install on a Windows, Linux or Mac OS computer
  • Trial license key
  • Sample data models and repository for the course
  • 8 tracks covering EBX features with slides, demonstration videos and exercises