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Learn how EBX can help you manage your most important data assets
Every transaction in your organization is built on master data: products, customers, employees, suppliers, financial hierarchies or reference data. Accurate and consistent master data streamlines your operational processes and increases the quality of your reporting and analysis. EBX simplifies multidomain master data management by providing one way to manage, govern, and share all your master data.
When your product master data requirements go beyond a simple product catalog, you need a solution that can keep up. You may have complex product models that have multidomain relationships with vendors, suppliers, or locations, or you may need to support regions, countries, or language adaptations. With EBX you only need one solution.
Taxonomies provide a standard way to classify things. Whether you need to develop your own classification scheme, for example, genres for your episodic content, or rely on public standards like SIC, SNOMED-CT, or XBRL/GAAP/IFRS, EBX provides a complete set of tools for taxonomy management.
As companies compete to acquire and retain customers in today’s challenging economy, a single point of management for all Sales & Marketing master data is critical. Accurate product catalogs, services and pricing; up-to-date locations and Point of Sale information; and channel synchronization--each are key to a successful Sales and Marketing organization.
ERPs are designed to streamline operations not manage master data. If you try to use your ERP for MDM, things can get tricky. Learn how EBX can support your ERP with better master data.
Reference data is a special subset of master data that’s used for classification throughout your entire organization: postal codes, cost centers, financial hierarchies or countries. Whether the data is externally mandated or internally authored it’s unambiguous and non-negotiable. EBX is a single solution for managing and distributing your reference data. By centralizing control you ensure that consistency and compliance are maintained.
Your customers are only one of the parties you do business with. In the B2B world, relationships can get complex quickly when you’re managing more parties—suppliers, vendors, distributors, wholesalers, or counterparties. Don’t set up a multitude of party-specific solutions: use EBX. It’s a single solution for multiple parties.
Charts of accounts, cost centers and legal entities are the core of a well-run finance and accounting organization. A single point of management for corporate financial data is critical if companies are to remain competitive and compliant in today’s economy.
Salesforce users need high-quality customer data to do their jobs. While there are plenty of data quality solutions for a single Salesforce instance (or org), how do organizations with multiple instances (and often non-Salesforce applications) keep their master data in sync? The answer is EBX.
Good analytics rely on good data. EBX helps companies ensure that their business analytics are accurate. Now you can manage the enterprise dimensions and hierarchies used in BI and big data.
Supporting your data governance program requires more than spreadsheets and simple documentation tools. EBX supports every facet of your data governance program with a process-driven, governance repository to capture all your critical data elements, business terms, policies, rules and responsibilities. Data stewards, managers, users and data owners can collaborate through workflow-driven, intuitive user interfaces.
Hierarchies represent relationships between your data assets—chart of accounts, customer segments, product lines, and organizational structure. For every standard hierarchy your teams create dozens—if not hundreds—of alternate variations, each representing a unique business perspective. EBX helps you simplify the creation, governance and versioning of your standard and alternate hierarchies. All your hierarchies can be supported in one simple, easy to use tool.
Managing human capital effectively is a big corporate challenge. To address it successfully, and optimize the productivity of your workforce, you need a comprehensive, accurate and global view of employee data.
Orchestra Networks’ MDM for Oracle Hyperion EPM Applications is a single platform for managing all your dimensions and hierarchies.
Our GDPR Accelerator can help you jump start your GDPR compliance program and build a solid, integrated data governance and data management foundation.