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Reference Data Management

Reference data is a special subset of master data that’s used for classification throughout your entire organization: postal codes, cost centers, financial hierarchies or countries. Whether the data is externally mandated or internally authored it’s unambiguous and non-negotiable. EBX is a single solution for managing and distributing your reference data. By centralizing control you ensure that consistency and compliance are maintained.
More than code lists. Reference data includes complex hierarchies, mappings and more. EBX supports all of these forms.
Version control. EBX can manage every version of reference data, past, present and future—and connect them.
Diversity of distribution. Your business teams and systems can access reference data in the way they want.
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EBX features

Flexible data models to support complex and simple forms of reference data
Hierarchy management for an unlimited number of alternate hierarchies
Collaborative workflow to on-board, update and approve reference data
Business user interfaces to view and author reference data
Version control to maintain reference data in the past, present and future
Metadata registry to manage related business terms and metadata

White Papers and Research on Reference Data Management

RDM Field Report & Market Survey

By The MDM Institute. Report on Reference Data Management and industry’ first market survey on RDM.
The 4-Rs of building your RDM business case

A business case for reference data management (RDM) requires more than a general recognition of reference data’s importance. Business cases demand specificity. Where does effective management of reference data add value to the business?
Integrated data governance and data management foundation for BCBS 239

In this paper we describe how an integrated approach to data governance and data management creates a foundation for compliance with regulations such as BCBS 239.

Reference Data Management case studies

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What’s next?

Learn more about EBX, a new way to manage, govern and share your data assets.
Watch EBX in action for business users, data stewards, developers and business analysts.
Contact us to arrange a demo and discuss your Data Management initiative.
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