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Party Master Data Management

Manage a single version of your customers, suppliers, and parties
Your customers are only one of the parties you do business with. In the B2B world, relationships can get complex quickly when you’re managing more parties—suppliers, vendors, distributors, wholesalers, or counterparties. Don’t set up a multitude of party-specific solutions: use EBX. It’s a single solution for multiple parties.
Manage all your parties including customers, suppliers and more, in one solution.
Hierarchy management to visualize and maintain complex relationships.
Built-in data quality features to profile, cleanse, validate and match data.

EBX features

Support for any party data model with complex attributes and relationships
Integrated data quality to profile, cleanse, validate and match data
Support any style of MDM including consolidation, registry and coexistence
Hierarchy management for large customer or supplier hierarchies
Real-time and batch distribution to systems and users
Data quality dashboards for analytics and performance measurement

Party Master Data Management case studies

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