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Hierarchy Management

Hierarchies represent relationships between your data assets—chart of accounts, customer segments, product lines, and organizational structure. For every standard hierarchy your teams create dozens—if not hundreds—of alternate variations, each representing a unique business perspective. EBX helps you simplify the creation, governance and versioning of your standard and alternate hierarchies. All your hierarchies can be supported in one simple, easy to use tool.
Render any type of hierarchy with support for ragged, balanced, unbalanced and more.
Versioning and governance. Maintain history and control access to your hierarchies.
Self-service tool for your business users to create and manage their own hierarchies.
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EBX features

Support for any type of hierarchy, including balanced, unbalanced, ragged
Multidomain hierarchies
render hierarchies based on data relationships or user preferences
Inherited hierarchies allow you to create alternate hierarchies without duplication
Version control to work on past, present and future dimensions and hierarchies
Workflow for change requests and approvals on hierarchies
Interfaces to import and export hierarchies to EDW and big data stores

Hierarchy Management case studies

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What’s next?

Learn more about EBX, a new way to manage, govern and share your data assets.
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