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Finance & Accounting

Manage and govern your financial master data and hierarchies
Charts of accounts, cost centers and legal entities are the core of a well-run finance and accounting organization. A single point of management for corporate financial data is critical if companies are to remain competitive and compliant in today’s economy.
With the increasing complexity of applications, reporting structures, regulations and internal processes across the enterprise, the benefits of establishing true governance over shared data are significant. Shared data enables accurate and flexible financial reporting, allows companies to adapt to constant organizational change and most importantly, ensures compliance with accounting and regulatory standards.

EBX features

Flexible data models for any financial master data and hierarchy
State of the art hierarchy management features for end users
Integrated workflow for change requests and approvals
Version control to work on past, present and future dimensions and hierarchies
Integration with MS Excel for importing/exporting data
Interfaces to import/export hierarchies to ERP and reporting applications

Finance Data Management case studies

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What’s next?

Learn more about EBX, a new way to manage, govern and share your data assets.
Watch EBX in action for business users, data stewards, developers and business analysts.
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