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Explore EBX capabilities to manage, govern, and share your data assets

Successful data management programs require broad adoption by a variety of users in your organization. Beneath are a series of videos that demonstrate EBX features that can accommodate everyone.

A day in the life of a business user

EBX delivers an intuitive, self-service experience to your business teams. Business users can view, search, author, edit and approve changes in a workflow-driven, collaborative user interface.

A day in the life of a data steward

With EBX, data stewards can easily discern the quality of their data and take action. They have access to sophisticated capabilities for governance, matching, profiling, cleansing, workflow monitoring, data quality analytics and audit trail.

A day in the life of a developer/business analyst

With EBX, you can adapt your application on the fly, without long and costly development projects. Project teams have full control over data models, workflow models, business rules, UI configuration and data services.